Our Heritage

Among accomplished professionals, physicians stand a breed apart. They dedicate years to their studies and training, and when they are ready to practice, they don the preeminent emblem of their field: the white coat. At Shaia Medical Heritage Apparel, it is our belief that the coat that represents so much must be worthy of its wearer. So we created the consummate physician's coat: a fusion of style, function, quality and comfort.

  • We began by studying worn coats to identify spots that suffered the harshest wear.
  • We queried doctors about their likes and dislikes in existing coats.
  • We applied our years of expertise in fit and comfort.
  • And we prototyped and tested multiple fabrics again and again until we were satisfied that we had created a garment that could be worn with pride.

The result is a coat grounded in history and tradition, modernized for today's environment, and destined to become a classic. Numerous discerning customers have adopted our coat as the only acceptable standard. We invite you to experience it.

Since 2000, Medical Heritage has made physician's coats for some of the world's most recognized names in medicine, science, and healthcare.

Learn About Our Physician's Coat

Our physician's coat is crafted to meet the highest expectations of medical professionals like you.