The Shaia family has many decades of experience as purveyors of finely tailored menswear. We apply that expertise to our Medical Heritage Coats, offering a customized fit and quality fabric previously unavailable in a lab coat. Although many people find that our off-the-rack coat fits beautifully, when alterations are needed to accomplish a genuine tailored fit, we offer:

  • customized sleeve length
  • customized coat length
  • coat's sides can be tapered
  • the waist can be taken in a minimum of one inch and a maximum of four inches
  • additional custom pockets available
  • monogramming available in several styles and colors


Shorten sleeves=$30
Shorten coat=$38
Taper sides= $30. We also reduce the waist a minimum of one inch and a maximum of four inches.
Additional custom pockets =$25 a pocket.

Sleeve Measurement Instructions:

OPTION A: With the garment on, measure 3 3/4 inches from bottom of thumb, and place a pin there. This allows for shrinkage.

OPTION B: For measuring an existing coat, the jacket needs to lay flat on the table (pictured below). Measure both the left and right sleeve along the inside seam. This seam starts at the point where the inside of the seam meets the armhole and goes until the desired position previously marked.

Coat Length Measurement Instructions:

Measure from center of collar, straight down the back seam to the bottom of coat. Coat should hit mid- knee.

Since 2000, Medical Heritage has made physician's coats for some of the world's most recognized names in medicine, science, and healthcare.

Learn About Our Physician's Coat

Our physician's coat is crafted to meet the highest expectations of medical professionals like you.

Custom Logos

For groups, custom logos and marks can be embroidered on coats. There is a one-time set-up fee of $65 per logo, and a charge of $18-30 per coat, depending on the complexity of logo. Upload your logo here for an estimate, or email Logo art would need to be provided to us as a hi-rez jpeg for embroidery.