The day you are officially recognized as a physician is one you never forget. And on that day, when you’ve earned the title “Doctor,” the profession recognizes you with a unique symbol — the white physician’s coat.

At Shaia’s, we believe the physician’s coat you wear should be worthy of all that you have accomplished. That’s why we created the Medical Heritage Coat, a fusion of style, function, craftsmanship and comfort.


"Heritage" Coat

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"Heritage" Coat

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Shaia Medical

Our Story

We put everything we know about fit and finish into the development of our coats.

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Our coats are a fusion of quality, functionality, comfort and elegant styling. Engineered from inside out, every detail considered.

Handcrafted Details

Elegant Design

Every aspect of the coat has been meticulously designed based on numerous interviews with physicians, and our tailoring experience.

Pocket Placement

Our coat features a number of strategically placed pockets: two front patch pockets, one breast pocket, and a patent-pending device pocket that is accessible from inside or out, which provides ideal balance for your accessories.


Buttonless "surgeon's cuff" allows for rolling sleeves up quickly and easily, and lined sleeves and shoulders allow the coat to slide effortlessly over clothing.